Twist And Lock

The Best Feature Of A PowerCon Equipped Cable-Twist And Lock

PowerCon Connectors

Standard power cables and extension cords equipped with Edison Connectors are convenient and omnipresent.  They’ve been the standard for electrical equipment for decades and continue to be what you find on most audio and stage lighting equipment.

One of the biggest problems with this connector standard is that there is no way to lock a connection so that it can’t be accidentally be disconnected.

The PowerCon connector solves this problem in an ingenious two step process.

First, this is a twist lock connector, which means that when it is inserted into the mating chassis connector, a simple quarter turn twist locks it in place.  It can’t be disconnected without turning it in the opposite direction.

Second, it includes a spring loaded locking tab which prevents the connector from being removed until this locking tab is moved towards the rear of the connector body.

The unique design of this connector means that the locking tab can be released and the connector can be unlocked with a single thumb slide/wrist twisting motion. is your source quality PowerCon Cables.
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