Ins And Outs

PowerCon connectors are color coded to insure that power flows in the correct direction (from source to device) and to insure that no mis-mating is possible.

Power at the source would flow out of a grey Neutrik NAC3MPB-1 panel mount connector and into a locking, also grey, NAC3FCB connector on one end of a PowerCon equipped cable.

At the other end of the PowerCon Cable, power would flow out of a NACEFCA (blue) connector and into a panel mount NAC3MPA-1 connector (also blue) to supply power to the device requiring it.

NAC3MPB-1 Neutrik PowerCon ConnectorPower Out-Panel Mount -NAC3MPB-1

NAC3FCB Neutrik PowerCon Connector

Power In-Cable Mount-NAC3FCB

NAC3FCA Neutrik PowerCon Cable

Power Out-Cable Mount-NAC3FCA

Neutrik NAC3MPA-1 PowerCon Connector

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