Rubber Jackets

Anybody Who Handles Cables Knows That Rubber Makes The Best Cable Jacket.

PowerCon Cable With SJOOW Jacket

When it comes to easy coiling, easy cleaning, cold weather handling and long life, pro technicians will always choose rubber over less expensive jackets like PVC. uses cable with SJOOW rubber jackets to insure best handling characteristics.

Here’s what those letters mean:

S-Cable jacket is heavy-duty and is made from EPDM rubber  (ethylene propylene diene monomer).

J-Indicates “Junior”, meaning that the cable is rated for current handling up to 300 volts.

O-The first “O” in the cable designation shows that the cable conductors are oil resistant.

O-The second “O” on the cable jacket shows that the jacket is also resistant to oil.

W-Shows water resistance. is your source quality PowerCon Cables.
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