Powercons-Solder Or Not?

SOLDERING IRONMost audio pros know that a well soldered connection is much more reliable than a mechanical connector like a crimp on terminal. Solder joints are not subject to failure from things like vibration and don’t normally weaken over time.

Apparently a section of the electrical code that refers to connectors like Powercons says that grounding terminals on power cables can’t be soldered, but must use a mechanical connection. The primary argument is that an overheated solder connection can fail, leading to an ungrounded circuit.

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Why PowerCon Cables Should Always Be 12 Gauge

Lighting fixture with powercon connectors

One of the best features of the PowerCon connector system is the ability to “loop” through” multiple lighting fixtures with a single cable run.
In the best of cases, this feature allows multiple fixtures to be powered with a single cable run, creating a cleaner installation and requiring fewer cables-
Less expense, less weight and less truck space.

The big down side to this feature is that there is nothing built into a powercon cable or connector that prevents you from lopping more fixtures than your cable can safely accommodate. Overloaded cables can generate unnecessary heat, and in extreme cases, lead to fire.

By making sure that every cable in your multi-fixture run is 12 gauge, you increase the current carrying capacity of the cable run and generate much less heat.

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Powercon Ins And Outs


PowerCon Connectors

The description of a Powercon connector in Wikipedia includes this statement: It comes in two deliberately incompatible variants to prevent the user from connecting to mains supplies together.

What this means in simple terms is that the connectors are constructed in such a way that the power can flow in only one direction-from the power source to the device that needs power.

Powercons use blue to designate power output on cable mounts and gray to color code the inputs on cable mounts to designate power input.

That means that a blue male cable mount connector will always mate only with a blue chassis mount connector.  The same holds true for the grey version of the connector.

Keying inside the connectors prevents you for ever plugging a blue line mount connector into a grey chassis mount connector and also prevents plugging a grey line mount connector into a blue chassis mount.