PowerCon Glossary

The PowerCon conector is made by Neutrik, a European manufacturer, and, as such, there are some terms that the manufacturer uses that may not be familiar to American users.

Blue Neutrik PowerCon Connector

Here Are A Few-

Mains Power-The power provided from the source (a wall outlet or a electrical service panel) needed to power an electrical device.

Chassis Connector-The power inlet on a piece of equipment that is powered by a removable connector.

Line Connector-A connector permanently mounted on an electrical cable.

Type A Connector-The connector that provides the power source.  This is the connector that the power flows from.  In the PowerCon connector series, The Type A connector is blue.

Type B Connector-The connector that receives the incoming power.  This is the connector that the power flows to.  In the PowerCon connector series, the Type B connector is grey or white.

Under Load-The state of an electrical device being in the “on” or “powered up” state.  This means that as soon as the device is connected to a power source, it will be in the turned on mode.  The standard PowerCon connector is not intended to be used on a device that will be under load when connected.

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