PowerCon Couplers

Linking PowerCon Cables To Extend Cable Runs

If you’ve ever tried to make a longer extension cord by linking multiple cables together, you know how challenging that can be.

Tying, taping or otherwise hooking the cables together so that they can’t be accidentally disconnected is more art than science.  It can be a serious “failure point” in an otherwise well thought out installation.

Neutrik has solved this problem with the PowerCon connector systsem.  With the addition of the NAC3MM-1 Coupler, you can now create cable runs of any length you desire by connecting multiple cables with this locking device.

NAC3MM-1 PowerCon Coupler From Neutrik Neutrik NAC3MM-1 PowerCon Cable Coupler

The coupler features a NAC3MPA (Power Out) on one end and a NAC3MPB (Power In) on the other end. Simply insert the matching (they are color coded) cable end into each end of the NAC3MM-1 coupler to join two (or more) cables.

Take care to be aware of voltage drop when using this system, as each extension cable added to the cable run will lead to a potential voltage drop at the output end of the cable run.

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