Neutrik PowerCon Cables Harrison Bros. Inc.

Pro Quality Powercon Cables with Neutrik Connectors

Powercon Cables With The Following Features
-True Neutrik Powercon NAC3FC Connectors
-12 Gauge/3 Conductor Cable With SJOOW Rubber Jackets
-Cable Length Laminated Directly On To The Cable End
-Each Cable Bench Tested By Our Cable Fabricators

After generations of sound and lighting professionals using standard Edison cables for most of their power distribution, “pros in the know” have turned to Neutrik PowerCon cables for their most critical applications.

Color coding, twist locking, good strain relief and greater safety have led some of the top manufacturers of sound and lighting equipment to adopt this connector standard on the devices they sell to this marketplace.

Now, the Neutrik PowerCon has joined Neutrik’s innovative audio connector, the SpeakOn, as the new standard for powering sound and lighting equipment.